Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't for India!

1. Do not shy away from trying new things.
There is going to be a ton of foods and dishes that likely did not make it into the mainstream Indian buffet. Combine multiple regions with local specialties and the unique way that every cook prepares each dish and you have a recipe for unlimited delicious foodstuffs. Do your best to pick places that look like they adhere to clean culinary practices or, even better, get yourself invited over to someone's home and get ready to eat some of the greatest food of your life.
2. Do not forget to bring ear plugs.
India always be loud and noisy most of the time wherever you are. Festivals, Celebration’s, Temple’s, Hotel/Guest house and especially if you are living with the Indian Host family there will be always noisy at the house. Ear plugs is must for your good sleep.

3. Do not dress in skimpy clothing.
You are in under-developed country. Clothing not to be in skimpy. While travelling, visitings your friends, going in temple, festival celebration. People show the respect specially these place by clothing. Do not wear short dress.
4. Do not avoid the language.
Best way to make new friends in India. If you speak one word of Hindi in front of Indian people they will gave you back a big smile.

5. Do not drink from the tap or unfiltered water.
Never drink tap water or open water from mugs/pots in India. It may make you sick for the entire trip. Use only sealed mineral water. It cost around Rs.15 per bottle. Health is important for your entire India experience.
6. Do not pet wildlife or touch street animals.
You will find cows, dogs, camels, monkeys and many always roaming on the streets in India. The governments have not much care protection for these animals. Many of them are infected with the diseases on roads; so better be don’t touch them if you found sick animals. Health is the main concern! Last summer a volunteer feeding squirell on the road; suddenly the squirell bite his finger and it started bleeding from the hand. The volunteer did not know if it required to go to the doctor for rabies injection. After checking the doctor he need to have rabies injections as squirell bite is hard.
7. Bring Pepto-Bismol or Imodium.
Food sickness is inevitable, so just accept the impending bathroom visit. I have only known one person ever who got through their entire three week visit without a single stomach bug or parasite. You will likely not be so lucky. Got that overnight bus somewhere? Pop one of those bad boys and stop yourself right up. Never forget that Delhi belly is lurking around every stall!
8. Do not flaunt the beef eating.
Cows are the sacred animal of India.  In fact, that is the reason why they roam so freely. Obviously you will be able to find beef in certain restaurants, better to ignore.

9. Do not throw yourself for short-term yoga course.
If you are coming to India for short term program or tour you must ignore it. As of the previous experience traveler/volunteers thrown themselves in a couple of days yoga program by requesting their Indian friend and it can hurt their back or any part from body. Better if you have time for at least 2 week go with the real yoga tutor which start your class from day 1 yoga practice.  
10. Do not forget to buy a Saree or a Salwar Kameez.
Don’t leave India without having a piece of local attire like Saree/Salwar Suit for women & Kurta Pajama for Man. You will find many street shops from their you can find a cheap and good variety of these attires.

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