Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Safety Tips While Spending Time In India

Staying in India has not been problem for anyone but there are some tips that everybody must know in order to be in good health and to enjoy the trip even more. India is an entirely different world—a magical place full of sights to see and things to do, but also a world of crowds, traffic, bargaining, pollution, and confusion. There’s much in India that you have to see.

Stay Healthy: Always carry a water bottle with you. Either boil your own water, or make sure to buy bottled water from a reliable distributor (Bisleri, Yes!, etc.). If you eat on the street, consume only fresh fruit or food that is boiled or fried. Food that hasn’t been cooked at high temperatures could make you sick also. So be prepared in advance.

Be Safe: Always keep your passport and other documents papers close to you. Don't leave your important documents in your luggage. Also keep 2 passport size photographs in a safe place. You can find beggars on streets in India but don't give them money, it's better to buy a meal and give them.

Transportation: Remember India is the second most populous country in the world. If you want to travel by bus to local Bazaars (markets) u can't get a seat easily; buses are fully crowded. Better to arrange your own personal Auto-rikshaw. Transportation is cheap in India.

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